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Our Story

Here at Boston, we’ve been developing the plumpest pillows and lushest duvets for over 140 years. We’ve mastered at art of creating a good night’s sleep, so now we’re on a mission to bring this to you at your ultimate convenience. Our latest student bedding packs are designed to take the hassle and stress out of your uni shopping, and instead make kitting out your new bed as simple as, well, a click of a button.

Our comprehensive range is a step ahead of the competition, with unbeatable pricing for unparelled quality; just because you’re a student, doesn’t mean you don’t deserve a super comfy bed- right?


Meet Boston

When searching for a face for the Boston brand, there was only ever one option. The feeling created by petting an adorable dog is the only comfort that can rival our indulgent bedding, so in came Boston. He’s our playful brand face who just so happens to love napping as much as we do.